We got a long post today but there’s a lot of news to share! For the next couple of weeks we are going to be having a side story focusing on one of our characters that we haven’t seen for a while. A lot of people have asked about this one and Melanie and I were looking for a way to bring him back into the story. This story will be considered canon and part of issue 2. All of the artwork and the lettering will be done by our friend Michael Link who you might remember him from his guest strips and his pin-up that was in the first printed issue of Undead Norm. Michael has provided a sneak peek at a couple that will appear in the story. Monday will will have something new from this story for you to enjoy!

I just want to emphasize that Melanie is not leaving Undead Norm! She has a lot happening work wise and has been finding it harder and harder to make time for the comic. We were talking about her busy schedule and she expressed concern about being able to make the comic once a week. We don’t want to slow down the updates too much so you, the readers, are left with nothing to enjoy but we weren’t sure what we could do.

Michael and I have been working on a side project that we can’t reveal too much yet. We’re both excited about it and can’t wait to bring it to you. He mentioned that he would like some practice working with my scripts and the idea for him to illustrate a side story for Undead Norm. Immediately I told him that I would have to consult Melanie to get her blessing. Even though I came up with the idea for Undead Norm, Melanie has helped bring it to life and is as much a part of this comic as I am. When approached about the idea Melanie said that it sounded good and was an excellent way for her to catch up on her work and work on the comic at her own pace for now. After the side story is done, Melanie will be back as the artist/letterer for the comic. She will probably be doing some Undead Norm work before that time. To keep track of what Melanie is doing, check out her blog!

Speaking of Melanie’s work, check out this kickstarter for a book that includes some of Melanie’s work! Some of you might remember that she worked on a book called The Curse of Stranglehold before she worked on this comic. It is being included in this book along with another story written by Matthew Smith called Bee Sting which has artwork by Jeremy Massie.

Thank you for reading this big wall of text. I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew what was happening and why. I will be posting the Undead Nom page later today. Have a great aternoon and be sure to come visit us at Cola-Con!