Another page into the “What Happened to Brody?” story with art by Michael Link. Looks like Brody has spotted someone. This will go well won’t it?

Geek Gala Invaded by Daleks and Zombies?
I’m sure that there was much more than just Daleks and our zombies there but we got a picture from the event of Norm and friends.

The picture was provided by Saidae Jenkins. Thank you, Saidae!

This picture was from Joey Paquette! Thanks for sending us the picture and for letting Norm be a part of the event! Hope that everyone had fun at the event! I hope to get up there next year!

Gamma Comics Grand Opening!
I had a lot of fun at Gamma Comics this past Saturday for their Grand Opening! Melanie was not able to attend but she really wanted to be there. I got to see a few people that I met from Cola-Con and got to meet a lot of nice people. Thank you to everyone who came over and checked out my work. Here’s a few sketches that I did at the event.

Take care everyone and thank you for reading!