And now we find the conclusion of the “What Happened to Brody?” story with guest art by Michael Link as well as our 40th and 41st pages! Woohoo! Thank you, Michael for illustrating this story arc and a BIG THANK YOU to all of our readers! We appreciate your love and support.

I apologize for the crazy site activity today. I’m fighting with Comicpress right now so it kept looking funny. I admit that it’s more user error than software’s fault.

The next story will be a Holiday comic starting everyone’s favorite zombie master cat! The first page of the story should be available next Monday and will be posted throughout December and is planned to have all of the rest of the pages posted on Christmas. This should be fun! It will be the last part of issue 2 so we will be getting it ready to print soon. Hopefully we’ll have the second print issue ready for you sometime in January! See you next Monday!