It’s been a year since we first started posting pages of the comic! Thank you to all of you who read the comic and have supported us throughout this year. We really appreciate it! I know that our updates haven’t been as steady as we would like but thanks for sticking with us through it all! Thank you to the Web Studio D, Comic News Insider, Crisp Comics, Charleston City Paper, Summerville Patch, and the Columbia’s Free Times for all helping to spread the word about our comic on their news sites! Another big thank you to Soundwave Music Comics Movies, Gamma Comics, and Scratch ‘n’ Spin Records for stocking our comics in their stores! We had fun at the following conventions: HeroesCon, RoundCon, Cola-Con, and NC Comicon. We especially enjoyed hosting panels at RoundCon and Cola-Con! Thank you to the Geek Gala and Charleston Zombie Walk for letting Norm be a part of their events too! Last but not least, thank you to Michael Link for being a guest artist and providing a pin-up for the first printed issue!

2012 was fun and a major learning experience for us. Both of us worked on comics previously but neither of us had much experience with doing a webcomic. It has been fun and we will be incorporating a few changes as we work on the comic this year. Melanie and I have decided that we are going to start posting pages of the next chapter once we have all the pages done. Last year it was pretty stressful trying to keep up the updates and work our regular jobs. This way should be less stressful and will result in less gaps in updates during a story so hopefully more enjoyable for you. We will let you know when we will start updating again. Before the next chapter I still have to finish our “Holiday Update” which will be four pages. I got the artwork for the first page done. Once I get that done I can finish up formatting the pages for the second issue to be printed. I’m looking to get that ready by the end of the month.

We will be doing some conventions and store parties this year and I will add them to the list as they are confirmed. So far the only confirmed ones are Storm-Con for the both of us and I will be at the Geek Gala. There’s a couple in the works but don’t want to post them until we’re confirmed.

What do you while you wait for more Undead Norm?

You can order Melanie’s work in the Blood-Drenched Creature Double-Feature comic from your local comic shop using the Diamond code: JAN130804
You can always find out what Melanie is up on her blog

The most active place to find out what I’m doing is on my Twitter account but you can check out my blog for more detailed information. Occasionally I will be writing articles for Crisp Comics and you can find out other awesome indie comics there.

If you need some comic fixes, I highly recommend the following. I’m not affiliated with these comics in any way so I don’t claim responsibility for the content that they post. Most of them are meant for PG-13 unless specified.

Spindrift – Beautiful fantasy comic
Alien Shores – Stories about a rock band of four good looking guys
Cleopatra in Spaaace – All ages sci-fi adventure
The Fox Sister – Supernatural drama following a priestess as she hunts a fox demon who killed her family
Snap Crackle Pop – Comedy strip that follows Kit as she deals with her demons
Kevin Zombie – Kevin adjusts to life as a teenaged zombie in a zombie refugee town

Feel free to post some of your favorite webcomic links in the comments section. I just ask that you keep them all ages to PG-13 because we do have some younger readers.