Long time, no see! I am proud to announce that after a long hiatus Undead Norm is back and with a new direction! I spent a couple of years battling my writer’s block then it finally hit me–Norm was not chasing Des because he wanted to turn her into a zombie, he just wanted to tell her how he felt since he could not while he was human! After talking with Melanie for a bit, we figured out how we wanted to proceed with the story to make this a romance that will flourish in this webcomic’s reanimation!

In addition to the story direction change, we will be having a creative team change. Some of you who have seen me at shows and at the comic shop already know this but Melanie is stepping down as the main artist. She has had some awesome life and job changes that have made it impossible for her to stay as the artist but she is going to stay as an editor because she believes in this project and wants to help it continue as best she can. Melanie, I think you for being such an awesome co-creator and look forward to continuing working with you as our editor! So who is the artist now? Well it’s our friend Michael Link who has done guest comics for us previously! We are very excited about bringing you new Norm comics soon!

When will the comic start updating again? We will announce the official date once we get closer to completion. The next chapter has been written and I am typing it up for Melanie and Michael to look at today. We are going to get the whole chapter finished before we start updating again in order to reduce gaps in updates. You may notice some changes to the website while we get ready for it.

Thank you all for being patient with us and coming back to read our comic! We look forward to sharing Des and Norm’s story soon!

Decomposingly Yours,
– Christine