Our horde of living and re-animated characters tend to change as the story progresses.  This may cause this page to contain spoilers so read at your own risk!

Main Characters



Our favorite brain-muncher and star of the comic!  He was just an average guy working day to day in his normal routine until something tragic changes his living status to “It’s complicated.”

First Appearance: Page 1 – The Time Before



One of Norm’s coworkers and friends who is also the source of all of our zombie infections.  He may not need it but he still have a strong love for coffee!

First Appearance: Page 1 – The Time Before



Going to the funeral of her friend ended up putting this lady’s survival skills to the test!  When she’s not batting away the undead folk who want her brains, she’s trying to dodge the advances (and mishaps) of Hunter.

First Appearance: Page 3 – Paying Respect



Some people prepare their own lives for one shining moment.  Hunter thinks the zombie outbreak is his moment– he hasn’t prepared too well.  He might take out a few undead lurkers along the way but Norm is his main target!  Also seems to misunderstand the “signals” from Des.

First Appearance: Page 12 – Just Chill

Supporting Cast


Kitty Kill ‘Em

With her humans suddenly changed into zombies, Kitty discovers that she can make them do her bidding.  Will this feline be the end of humankind?  We will have to see!

First Appearance: Page 23 – The Noise


Cody & Makenzie

Young lovebirds who fall victim to an unfortunate zombie attack.  Despite their condition, these two manage to keep shambling to each other.  Maybe it would have turned out differently if Cody had gotten those concert tickets that Kenzie wanted?

Cody’s First Appearance: Page 35 – In A hurry
Makenzie’s First Appearance:
 Page 37 – Ready To Party


Belinda, but call me Bell

R U Xited bout Beau?? OMG!!! Me 2!! DIS concert iz gna b totes awesome! I cant wait!

Ew, dude from dat zombie parade bhind me. Dude, u smell lik trash. I CAN’T EVEN!

First Appearance: Soon