Back to a full page for Undead NOM! Hope that you enjoy Hunter’s mishaps. I know some people are missing our favorite kitty but don’t fret, she’ll be back next Thursday.

I’m still working on a post Cola-Con report and will try to have it up on my blog this weekend.

Norm and friends to invade Geek Gala!

In other news, if you go to Charlotte for the Geek Gala on October 27, 2012 you may see some familiar faces in a zombie game.

That’s right, Norm and friends will be featured in one of the games at the event. Joey from Charlotte Geeks has been telling me about this game and it looks like fun! I just wish that we could be there. If you are going, please send us some pictures of you playing the game! We’ll post them on the website!

Monday will be the start of the story arc “What Happened To Brody?” so be sure to check out Undead Norm then! Have a great weekend!